REDO-BOND XL Mixing tips for 200 ml cartridges | 30TE, 25T, 20GS, 22TS

Made of plastic with 24 large mixing elements to ensure the best possible mixing ratio for the 200 ml cartridges. Can be used for REDO-BOND 30TE, 25T, 20GS, and 22TS hoof glue

*plus 19% tax and plus shipping costs.

REDO-BOND XL Mixing Cannulae LARGE

The disposable mixer cannula is a disposable plastic mixer nozzle and ensures a mixing ratio of 1:1. The disposable mixer nozzle or also called mixing nozzle is suitable for all common 2K cartridges. The tight interface between mixer and cartridge ensures safe and clean working.

  • One bag contains 50 mixer nozzles
  • Ideal for the REDO-BOND 22TS, 20GS and 25T
  • Suitable for REDO-BOND 200ml cartridges

This XL mixer is also recommended for the winter season, as it speeds up the reaction and makes it easier to squeeze out the adhesive.