Clamp according to Bron | 44 cm

Main part made of cast iron, jaw made of stainless steel. Total length: 44 cm. For painless immobilization of the rear leg during hoof care.

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Leg clamp for hoof care

Bron leg clamp is especially used in hoof and claw care to immobilize cattle by clamping the rear leg and prevent it from kicking.


  • Total length 44cm when extended
  • Main part made of cast iron, jaw vice made of stainless steel

Advantages Clamp according to Bron:

  • Ideal for painless immobilization of cattle during claw care
  • No damage to the skin or tissue by the use of the clamp
  • Disability-free work of the hoof trimmer, farmer or veterinarian


It is especially used when it is not worthwhile to set up the hoof chute because of one animal or when there is simply no chute available. This leg clamp is applied to the thigh with the intention of tightening the tendons and keeping the leg bent so that treatment can be carried out without the animal kicking out.  For this purpose, the cattle is tied or fixed in the feeding barriers