REDO-BOND 60TH Speed Hoof Glue | Black, 50 ml

Extra slow curing (60secs), thick hoof glue for warmer outdoor temperatures. Filled in resealable cartridge for users with a low number of applications and where a longer open time is desired.

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REDO-BOND Hoof Block Adhesive

REDO-BOND 60TH hoof glue in 50ml cartridge has an extended open time cure time and is for those users who want a longer application time. The cartridge is very easy to open without any additional tools and has a resealable cap.

Characteristics of REDO-BOND Hoof Glue

  • 60 seconds open time
  • the 1:1 mixing system ensures a correct mixing ratio and a strong and secure bond
  • this glue develops no toxic fumes or odours

Advantages of the 2K Hoof Block Adhesive REDO-BOND 60TH

  • it can be used at low temperatures without the use of an accelerator
  • because of its high viscosity | tough substance it compensates unevenness, so it can also be used on uneven hooves
  • the cartridge is easy to open by hand and has a reclosable lid (ideal for end of day or weekends)

Remember to order the matching REDO-BOND 50 ml mixing tips