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Claw care products from the specialist: the ALLREDO online shop

Claw care products, udder care and milking accessories - the ALLREDO online shop is your specialist for professional hoof care and modern dairy farms. You will receive accessories for professional claw care as well as cleaning equipment and a carcass hood. Top products at top conditions, that's our offer to you!

Claw care keeps the cattle healthy

Whether claw knife, hoof pincers or claw adhesive, claw discs or claw bandages - we carry all tools and aids that are simply indispensable for the milking hygiene and claw care in a dairy farm. We keep all major brands in front of you to always offer you the product that best suits the needs of your farm.

In a dairy farm, professional hoof care and hoof care products have become indispensable today. The claws of the animals must stay in good health, otherwise the milk yield will go down, or the cattle will reduce important body reserves. Diseases such as Mortellaro, claw rot, bale horn rot or Klauenrehe must therefore be prevented! 

Our product categories for cattle farming:

  • Connection and taming
  • Hoof and claw care
  • Calf rearing
  • Milk economy

Hoof-fit-Gel for healthy claws

A real universal remedy for hoof care is the gel Hoof-fit. You can choose between the gel for direct single treatment and Hoof-fit Liquid for preventive treatment. Used regularly, Hoof-fit helps keep your animals' hooves healthy and resilient. The plant extracts, minerals and conditioners in this remedy act on the claws and strengthen them. In combination with regular hoof cleaning and trimming, Hoof-fit is a sure way to keep cattle healthy on your farm.

Beechwood paste, a disinfectant mat or a claw tray can also help save your cattle from getting sick. Take a look at our extensive range. You will find exactly the tools and sprays, pastes and tinctures you need to keep your dairy farm clean and healthy.

From the calf igloo to the carcass hood

In addition to working material for claw care, you will also find a wide range of other excellent articles for the needs of modern cattle farming. A milk warmer and a calf hut are urgently needed if you want to look after the offspring of your cattle in an appropriate and expert manner. But you must also be prepared for death: A carcass hood for the short-term hygienic storage of dead animals should definitely be part of the equipment of your farm!

Claw care products such as claw adhesive, cast bandages, and hoof-fit gel, articles for milking hygiene, calf rearing or Extra Large cadaver hood for hygienic cadaver storage, the ALLREDO online shop is your contact for all aids and tools around the needs of a commercial dairy. We provide you with products from all the relevant brands so that you always have the means at hand that will have the most lasting and best effect on your farm. Take your time to look around - we are your specialist for hoof care products and other products for professional cattle farming.