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Hoof care products from the specialist: ALLREDO online shop

Hoof care products for functional and professional hoof care - ALLREDO is the specialist for professional hoof care and modern dairy farms. At ALLREDO you get everything you need for hoof care from one source.

Hoof care keeps cattle healthy

Whether you need a hoof knife, hoof tongs or hoof glue, hoof discs or hoof bandages - we carry all the tools and aids that are simply indispensable for hoof care on a dairy farm and for the work of a hoof care professional. We stock all the major brands so that we can always offer you the product that is best suited to the needs on your farm.

In a dairy farm today, professional hoof care and hoof care products are indispensable. The animals' claws must remain in good health or milk production will decline or the cattle will break down important body reserves. Diseases such as Mortellaro, claw rot, bunion horn rot or laminitis must therefore be prevented at all costs!  

Hoof-fit gel for healthy hooves

Hoof-fit Gel is a real universal product for the treatment of hoof diseases during hoof care. You can choose between the gel for direct one-time treatment and Hoof-fit Liquid for preventive treatment. Used regularly, Hoof-fit helps to keep the hooves of your animals healthy and resistant. The plant extracts, minerals and conditioning agents in this product disinfect e.g. Mortellaro lesions and strengthen healthy skin structures. In combination with regular cleaning and trimming of the hooves, Hoof-fit is a sure way to keep the cattle on your farm healthy.

Carcass hood for hygienic carcass storage

In addition to working material for hoof care, you will also find a particularly large cover for large animals. Even if the desire is to be far away from it happens in the best farms that sometimes a departure can not be averted. The extra large and robust carcass cover for short-term hygienic storage is manufactured in such a way that it can be moved by hand and is part of the equipment of every farm!

Hoof care products such as hoof glue, cast bandages, care products such as Hoof-fit gel, or the tools and protective clothing such as disposable or reusable coveralls. The ALLREDO online store is your contact for everything related to professional and functional hoof care. Take a look around at your leisure.