Hoof Block Adhesive


Hoof Blocking Systems for the Hoof Care

As a specialist for hoof trimmers all over the world we have developed the largest range of hoof blocking systems in coordination with reputable and respected hoof trimmers in several different countries.

You will find hoof blocking glue in several different kinds and sizes. Besides the REDO-BOND hoof block adhesive in 4 different sizes (50, 160, 200 and 210 ml cartridge), you will find the "Walkease" blocking system which uses specially formulated hoof blocks made of Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA) in combination with a moisture curing glue system.

All our products are developed and constantly improved with the aim of supporting our mission "to improve the life of hoof trimmers around the world".

Large range hoof Trimming tools and products from the specialist for hoof care products. Order now at the ALLREDO web shop or give us a call.