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Products, tools and accessories for hoof care and hoof care: 
Whether you need hoof glue, dressings, hoof bandages or tools - ALLREDO is your specialist for hoof care products and works closely with leading hoof care specialists. New findings from research results and studies concerning the hoof are immediately evaluated by our team and taken into account in the development of further hoof care products.
Our mission: "To make life easier for hoof care professionals worldwide".
Products for hoof care
As you know, regular claw care for cattle and cows is essential to maintain the health and fertility of dairy cows. In times of ever-increasing competition and ongoing tensions in the dairy industry, cost-effective sourcing of the necessary supplies and an effective procurement process is becoming increasingly important. As specialists in hoof care products, we at ALLREDO have put together a diverse range for you.
Our product categories for hoof and claw care
bandages and tapes, wooden blocks, adhesive systems, dressing materials
Care products
Protective clothing 
Tools and accessories like hoof and claw knives, claw discs, claw nippers, sharpeners & sharpening tools
Hoof diseases of cows and cattle
As early as 1965, Amstutz pointed out the negative effects of claw diseases on cattle and cows. In addition to the decrease in milk yield, body mass and feed conversion, a not insignificant financial expense is incurred in order to treat these diseases, which, however, is considerably less than the consistent implementation of claw care and corresponding lameness treatment.
Studies show that cows with diseases on the hooves had between 200 kg and 350 kg less milk yield per cow and year than cows with healthy hooves. Calculations carried out by Cabanowsky in 1974 indicate that claw diseases have a considerable influence on fertility. The calving interval of cows with diseased claws was 64 days longer than that of claw-healthy animals. If you also take into account that claw diseases are one of the 3 most frequent causes of loss, it becomes clear that professional and functional claw care quickly pays off not only in terms of the animal's well-being, but also financially.
At ALLREDO ou will find everything you need for hoof care and the treatment of hoof diseases. Whether you are looking for claw blocks and claw glue to relieve parts of the claw, claw bandages and rolled cotton wool to apply bandages, or claw knives and claw discs for general claw care.
ALLREDO, Martin Menn