REDO-BOND 20GS Hoof Glue Starter Pack 200 ml, 10 applications, incl. DG200 Dispensing Gun for Hoof Care

Extremely fast setting (14secs) medium to low viscosity hoof glue ideal for lower temperatures. Can be stored down to -12°C. (10,4°F). Can be used without a heatbox in winter. CONTENTS: 1x DG200 dispensing gun 200/210ml, 1x REDO-BOND 20GS hoof glue 200ml, 10x matching mixing tips , 10x wooden blocks.

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REDO-BOND 20GS Claw Adhesive Starter Set

Is a fast-drying two-component claw adhesive for claw treatment. The special feature of this adhesive is the 200ml cartridge, which is very easy and safe to reseal.

REDO-BOND 20GS starter set consisting of:

  • 1 x REDO-BOND 20GS adhesive cartridge 200ml
  • 10 x wooden blocks 110mm 
  • 10 x mixing tips
  • 1 x dispensing gun metal for 200ml + 210ml claw glue