ALLREDO Professional hoof examination forceps | HS100 | 41 cm

High quality stainless steel hoof examining forceps with ergonomic handle and ribbed contact surface. Length: 41 cm. The uneven shape makes it easy to reach hard and easy-to-reach places. Ideal for use on cattle hooves and horse hooves.

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ALLREDO HS100 professional hoof examination forceps

The HS100 hoof examination forceps from ALLREDO is especially developed for the professional hoof trimmer and vet. This forceps impresses by its high quality and good handling and is best suited to examine the claws of cattle and the hooves of horses.

Features ALLREDO HS100 hoof examination forcepts

  • stable construction
  • high-quality workmanship made of high quality stainless steel
  • two unequal testing elements to suite all situations
  • Length: 41 cm

Advantages of ALLREDO claw impression pliers

  • very good handling
  • ideal size for use with one hand
  • very long lasting product due to high quality material
  • thanks to the shape of the unequal testing elements, even places that are difficult to access are easily accessible with this forceps and can be examined very well

This examination forceps is the insider tip among hoof trimmers and veterinarians. It is suitable for regular use and thus for professional hoof trimmers and farriers as well as for occasional hoof trimming.