ALLREDO Bandage Remover | 3 mm Blade

With high-quality curved stainless steel blade and wooden handle with rubber grip end. Special blade shape with blunt tip allows it to be pushed between the leg and the bandage without hurting the cow. Individual laser engraving possible on orders over 20 pcs.

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Bandage Remover for the removal of hoof and claw bandages

This product has been designed to remove bandages from cows' hooves. The stainless steel blade has a blunt tip which allows you to slide the knife between the claw and the hoof bandage without hurting the animal.

Features ALLREDO Bandage Remover:

  • extremely sharp front rounded stainless steel blade
  • long wooden handle for working from a safe distance
  • short model ideal for the milking parlour and long model ideal for farms with robots (for use in the free stalls)
  • solid wooden shaft with rubber grip handle

Benefits ALLREDO Bandage Remover:

  • reduces risk of injury for the person removing the bandages as it allows you to work from a safe distance
  • special shape of the blade with a blunt tip, ensures it can be slid between the leg and the bandage to allow for bandage removal without injuring the cow

85 cm is ideal for use in the milking parlor to remove bandages from rear claws

150 cm extra long for use in the playpen, feed fence and milking parlour to remove bandages from the rear and front claws


How to use the Bandage remover:

  • carefully slide the blade between the leg and the bandage making sure that the blunt part of the edge comes out at the bottom of the bandage (or at the top if go in from below)
  • pull the ALLREDO bandage remover carefully upwards and the bandage and watch the bandage coming off

TIP! After removing 40-50 bandages you may find the blade needs sharpening. This can be done simply by use of a sharpening block which will restore the blade to it's original cutting quality.  WARNING: Keep fingers away from the sharp edge and always store out of the reach of children. The cutting blade is very sharp. Improper or careless use could cause injury.