ALLREDO Wooden Hoof Block | Standard | 110 mm | 22 mm MADE IN GERMANY

Made of beech wood. Thickness: 22 mm. Suitable for all glue types, especially for small to normal sized hooves e.g. Holsteins and heifers.

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Wooden Hoof Block 110 mm

This wooden hoofblock is the most used hoof block in europe. It is about 110-112 mm long and can be applied with hoof block adhesive in a cartridge or powder. The cross-over pattern provides a large surface area and ensures a secure adhesion.

Advantages ALLREDO Hoof Block Wood

  • suitable for most applications and commoun breeds
  • cross-over pattern providing a large surface area and  ensurese a secure adhesion
  • available in 5 different shapes and sizes
  • can be used for left or right side of the claw


Order as single item or packed in a carton of 100 pieces.


For larger breeds such as simmental or fleckvieh we recommend the larger hoof blocks in 130 mm length.