ALLREDO Apron for Hoof Trimming - Long, Black

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ALLREDO Hoof Trimming Apron - Premium Quality


The Allredo hoof trimming apron is made from an exceptionally comfortable and versatile synthetic leather fabric.  Its water-repellent quick drying fabric protects the wearer from dirt and debris, keeping them dry and comfortable whilst they work. 


Features of the ALLREDO Hoof Trimming Apron

  • Highly adaptable and comfortable fabric
  • Quick drying due to its fully water-repellent fabric
  • Adjustable clips enable individual fit
  • Colour:  Black


Advantages of the ALLREDO Hoof Trimming Apron

  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Large knife pockets to fit even large hoof knives


Available in versions:

  • Long closed


  • Long divided


TIP!    Put an old teat rubber or empty tube in the knife pockets to increase the apron´s durability - spray the teat rubber with silicone spray so that the knife can glide better



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