REDO-BOND 25T Hoof Glue | White, 200ml

Fast setting (30secs) thick viscosity hoof glue for warmer outdoor temperatures. In combination with the ALLREDO heatbox this is also ideal for use at lower temperatures. Filled in resealable cartridge.

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REDO-BOND Hoof Block Adhesive

REDO-BOND 25T is an advancement on the 160 ml adhesive cartridge, with the advantage that this cartridge has a resealable cap and can be stored for a longer period without the adhesive hardening.  It is a quick setting, two-component, block adhesive which has been developed specifically for the hoof treatment of dairy cows and cattle. The adhesive is used to apply a wooden or rubber hoof block to the healthy claw with the aim of relieving pressure from the diseased claw.  This quickly reduces pain and significantly supports the healing process.


  • Its short curing time of 20-30 seconds means that after only 1.5 to 2 minutes weight can once again be applied to the hoof.
  • Due to its high viscosity the glue can compensate for any irregularities and can therefore be used on uneven hooves.
  • No toxic fumes or odours allows for safe use in closed rooms.  
  • Suitable for use with all standard gluing pistols.


  • Easy to open, re-closable screw cap means you can use the same cartridge even after several months.
  • Can be used at low temperatures without the use of an accelerator
  • Perfect gluing each time due to 1:1 mixing ratio when using the appropriate mixing tips.
  • The cartridge has extra large openings for the two components which, when used with the REDO-BOND Dispensing Gun (20209), ensure a high transmission of power and a very comfortable handling.  Furthermore, the purpose designed mixing tips prevent the overflow from one component compartment to the other, ensuring no cross contamination.

TIP!  If you want to know about using the 25T 2 component glue in low temperatures then don't hesitate to call us for advice.......and don't forget to order the suitable mixing tips (91241)!