REDO-FLEX SR10 Roll Wadding | 3m x 10cm

Particularly tear-resistant and puffy padding roll made of frizzed synthetic polyester fibres which does not become narrower under tension. The material absorbs very little moisture, which keeps the bandage and the hoof dry. Ideal as padding under REDO-FLEX hoof bandages.

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REDO-Flex SR10 Roll Wadding 3m x 10cm

REDO-Flex Rollwadding is an extra-tensile, synthetic, orthopedic padding characterized by the fact that it does not narrow under pressure.

Features roll absorbent cotton 3m x 10cm:

  • 3 meters long
  • Made of synthetic polyester fibers
  • Particularly resistant to traction and tearing

Advantages Rollwadding | Cushionwadding SR10:

  • Does not become narrower under pressure!
  • Due to the fiber structure, the individual binding turns adhere well to each other and do not slip
  • Can be applied quickly and easily to all parts of the body
  • The synthetic polyester fibers lead to low moisture absorption
  • Can be unwound very easily and is particularly tear-resistant at the same time
  • Especially recommended in combination with REDO-FLEX hoof bandages for the necessary padding under hoof and hoof bandages.