Technovit Powder 6091 with Accelerator | 10 Pack

Fast curing plastic hoof glue for the immobilization of injured or diseased hooves and a wide range of applications in the veterinary field. CONTENTS: 1000 g powder, 500 ml hardener, 10 x wooden blocks, 10 x wooden spatulas, 10 x mixing cups, 70 ml accelerator.

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Technovit 6091 powder with accelerator, set of 10, very fast curing.

Due to its special properties Technovit 6091 this powder glue is an indispensable universal aid in veterinary medicine, hoof care and hoof treatment. In certain areas, Technovit 6091 adhesives support the veterinarian's therapy and significantly shorten the otherwise often long treatment times.

In hoof care and hoof treatment, Technovit 6091 has the following main applications: Immobilization of hooves in inflammatory diseases, fixation of hoof blocks, covering of hoof defects, horn splits, shaping of the hoof, orthopedic hoof treatment, especially in foals (buck hoof, stilt foot).

The table shows the importance of the accelerator. Since the curing takes 9-13 minutes even with the accelerator at colder temperatures, we recommend the REDO-BOND two-component hoof glue as an alternative. For the hoof care and larger farmers we recommend the REDO-BOND hoof glue in the 200 ml cartridge and for the farmer with only a few applications the REDO-BOND Farmer Special Glue in 50 ml cartridges.

Temperatur  Mixing Ratio  Curing time without AccelaratorCuring time with Accelarator
+ 5 °C1:7aprox. 24 Minutesaprox.13 Minutes
+ 10 °C1:10aprox. 15 Minutesaprox. 9 Minutes
+20 °C1:14aprox. 8 Minutesaprox. 5 Minutes


Proven bonding system
The accelerator reduces the curing time by 50%.
Ideal at low outside temperatures

Scope of delivery:

1000 g powder and 500 ml hardener liquid for 10-14 applications.
10 x wooden blocks
10 x mixing cups
10 x wooden spatulas
1 bottle of accelerator

Tip. Since this set is not individually packed in bags, but comes with bulk packaging, you usually can glue even more than 10 blocks.

Tip2! To increase the speed simply warm up the hardener and accelerator 30 minutes before use in warm water.