REDO-FLEX Synthetic Undercast Padding roll SR50 | 4 m x 10 cm | 5 pcs

Particularly soft and adaptable padding padding made of synthetic polyester fibres. The material absorbs very little moisture, which keeps the bandage and the hoof dry. Ideal as padding under REDO-FLEX hoof bandages.

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REDO-FLEX synthetic padding| 10 cm x 4 m roll

REDO-FLEX synthetic undercast padding is a very soft padding roll made of frizzed polyester fibres. Its unique charachteristics allow the product to absorb wound secretion, but does not soak through with water. It has very good padding properties and is recommended to be applied under the selfadhesive REDO-FLEX hoof bandage.

Features of synthetc bandage roll 10 cm x 4 m

  • 4 metres long
  • made from synthetic polyester fibers
  • especially soft and adaptable
  • easily handtearable

Advantages REDO-FLEX Undercast Padding Roll 10 cm

  • through its frizzed fiber structure the layers adhere well on top of each other and do not slip
  • the synthetic polyester fibers lead to reduces moisture absorption
  • can be easily unwound and applied
  • particularly recommended in combination with REDO-FLEX selfadhesive hoof bandages and under casting tape
  • usually sufficient for padding 2 bandages due to its long length