ICAR Atlas Hoof diseases

Information, to illustrate diseases, to better analyse diseases and to improve data collection with the aim of increasing productivity and animal welfare.

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ICAR atlas in ring binder format

In order to standardize data collection, an internationally agreed atlas for uniform coding is now available for the first time - The so-called ICAR ATLAS ON COAT HEALTH. This represents a major step towards reducing the incidence of hoof diseases, which have a significant impact on animal health, welfare and productivity.

  • 46 pages on hoof care

  • 58 illustrations of hooves

  • In convenient ring binder format or poster

What is ICAR?
ICAR is an international organization whose mission is to promote the development and improvement of performance data collection and breeding value estimation in farm animals. Its members are organizations involved in animal data collection in various countries around the world, as well as animal data collection service providers working with them.