ALLREDO Cut Resistant Gloves CX-5

Extremely cut-resistant glove made of high-quality glass fibers with PU coating on the fingertips for a firm, abrasion-resistant grip. Highly recommended when using hoof discs and sharp hoof knives. SIZES: S, M, XL, 2XL, 3XL / 8-12

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Cut Resistant Gloves CX-5 for hoof trimming and agriculture

This "Cut Protection Glove CX-5" is knitted with special fibres and has a PU coating on the palm of the hand and on the finger tips, making these gloves highly resistant to abrasions and ensuring a secure grip.

Features CX-5 

  • seamless and comfortable to wear
  • PU coating on palm and fingertips
  • cut protection classification level 5 in accordance with EN388

Advantages CX-5 Cut Protection Gloves

  • high quality PU coating protects against abrasions and cuts
  • comfortable fit 
  • extremely cut resistant fabric
  • ideal for protection against hoof knife cuts whilst hoof trimming
  • available in many sizes


1 Pair

Tip! Wear extra robust nitrile gloves on top of the Cut Protection Gloves CX-5.  These keep moisture away from the knitted gloves whilst protecting the hands from contact with bacteria, animal waste, blood, disintfectants and other strong chemicals.