ROTO-CLIP Hoof Disc F-SERIES | Black | 3 Long Knives

With three reversible blades (13 x 19 x 8 mm) which can be resharpened 3-4 times. Particularly high abrasion in combination with very good sensitivity. For the experienced user. Aggression level: 4

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ROTO-CLIP hoof disc F-SERIE Black, long knives

This hoof disc is characterized by its high abrasion and particularly good and precise handling. Thanks to intelligent blade arrangement, it is possible to perform work in the interdigital cleft of both hooves in one step without having to turn the angle grinder.


  • High-quality processed anodized aluminum
  • With 3 double-sided reversible blades and can be resharpened 3-4 times
  • High abrasion


  • Particularly high precision
  • High abrasion
  • Very precise handling
  • Reversible blades protrude from the top as well as from the side AND from the back so that the interdigital cleft can be cut in one operation

Which disc for which application?

The 100 mm version is particularly light and easy to handle. In some cases, the 115 mm version can score well if you want to work with the disc deeper in the intermediate claw gap and the 100 mm disc is too small for you.