DICK Bison Hoof Knife | 64 mm x 8 mm | short and narrow blade

Short narrow blade made of high-alloy special steel. Machine sharpened. Its large durable wooden handle ensures a high power transmission. Blade dimensions: 64 mm x 8 mm Color: Dark brown

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DICK BISON Hoof Knife, short and narrow blade

The DICK Bison Hoof Knife has been developed with professional hoof trimmers and is very popular both in the hoof care of horses and cows.  It's a much trusted hoof knife in the hoof trimming industry as it's ideal for cutting out grooves and defects in the hoof.  Its short and narrow straight blade is made of a high alloyed special steel making it particularly long lasting.  It is an excellent tool for the hoof trimmers tool box.


  • High quality, long lasting, carbon blade
  • Extra sharp, easy to use blade
  • Large, waterproof, hardwood blade


  • Multiple winner of Elite magazine tests
  • High transfer of power due to its large wooden handle
  • Easy to sharpen carbon blade which stays sharp longer
  • Available in left and right versions

Tip! The high carbon content of the blade makes it sensitive to rust, so the knife needs to be cleaned after use and stored in dry place. A old milking rubber is an ideal place to store your hoof knife as it allows the air to circulate, drying out the knife completely, whilst also keeping moisture out.