ALLREDO spreading pliers with forcing function, with magnet

For spreading the intermediate claw gap and testing the claw. Can be easily fixed to the claw stand by means of the magnet. Ideally suited for cleaning and examining the interclaw gap or to support further treatment methods.

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ALLREDO Spreader Forceps with Bead Breaking Function

These intermediate claw pliers are ideal for examining the intermediate claw gap and also serve as bead breaker pliers to test the claw. The claw spreader is ideal for cleaning the claw gap and is also a good aid if the intermediate claw gap is to be sprayed or a gel treatment is to be carried out.

Features ALLREDO Spreader | Claw Examination Pliers:

  • Pliers with curved tips
  • Magnetic (the magnet is welded in)
  • The forceps are made of surgical steel

Advantages Spreading pliers with forcing function:

  • Simplifies hoof care
  • Improves claw visibility
  • User friendly
  • Lies well in the hand