Sanding Belts for Hoof Knife Sharpener AR100

Versatile abrasive fabric belt for grinding, deburring and shaping. For hoof knives, mainly P220 grit is needed for sharpening and P6000 grit for fine grinding.

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The Allredo Hoof Knife Sharpener AR100 is the ideal tool for grinding and sharpening hoof knives used in hoof trimming. This model has been constructed to allow you to sharpen your hoof knives right down to the loop of the knife.  By use of its different precision blade guides your tools, including axes, shovels, spades, lawn mower blades etc., can be sharpened at an angle of 20 ° and 25 °.  Scissors can be sharpened at an angle of 60 ° and 65 °. 

Benefits of the Allredo AR100 Hoof Knife Sharpener:

  • easy to use as both a mobile or stationary sharpener
  • suitable for different sanding belt grits
  • can grind at angles of 20 °, 25 °, 60 ° and 65 ° with the help of different precision blade guides
  • grinds even ceramic blades when used with a diamond sanding belt
  • versatile knife sharpener suitable for sharpening hoof knives, claw knives, chisels, axes, etc.

Included in the Set:

  • Engine: 15,000 RPM, ca. 100 Watts  
  • includes 6 sanding belts (2 of each in grit P80, P220 and P6000)  
  • 1 plastic blade guide 40° - (2 x 20 °) and 60 ° angle  
  • 1 plastic blade guide 50 ° (2 x 25 °) and 65 ° angle
  • both blade guides are perfectly suitable for use on leisure knives, serrated knives and scissors   
  • supplied with a high quality nylon bag for transport and storage
  • includes instruction manual and CD
  • Size: L x W x H: 24 x 12.5 x 14 cm

TIP! Due to the curved shape of hoof knife blades, we recommend using the ALLREDO Hoof Knife Sharpener AR100 without the blade guides in order to achieve an optimal and uniform result.