REDO-BOND DG200 Dispensing Gun for two-component hoof block adhesive cartridges | 200/210 ml

High quality dispensing gun made of metal with side loading of two-component adhesive cartridges. Suitable for REDO-BOND 25T, 30TE, 35TB, 20GS, 20GB & 22TS hoof glue.

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ALLREDO REDO-BOND Dispensing Gun for 200/210 ml two-component hoof block adhesive cartridges

The REDO-BOND Dispensing Gun has been especially developed for use with two-component hoof block adhesive in 200 ml and 210 ml cartridges.  Its high quality frame and the use of metal fasteners make this dispensing gun a particularly durable and robust tool. 

Properties REDO-BOND Dispensing Gun:

  • Made completely from metal
  • High quality frame with metal fasteners
  • Mixing Ratio 1:1; 1:2; or 1:4
  • Suitable for use with all standard 200 ml and 210 ml cartridges

Advantages REDO-BOND Dispensing Gun:

  • optimal force with minimum effort
  • side loading ensures a secure fitting cartridge
  • can be used for overhead work
  • the metal bolts provide an even cylinder pressure
  • ideal for hoof glue and other two-component adhesive in 200/210 ml cartridges

A good quality stable frame and straight sliding bolts are extremely important factors for enabling an even pressure distribution.  With its high quality workmanship and strong metal parts, this dispensing gun is not only a long lasting tool but is also pleasure to work with.