REDO-BOND 22TS Speed Hoof Glue | Black, 200ml

Very fast setting (22secs) very thick hoof glue for warmer outdoor temperatures. Filled in resealable cartridge. XL mixing tips must be used for this product.

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200ml Claw Adhesive REDO-BOND Speed 

 The REDO-BOND 22TS claw adhesive in the 200ml cartridge has an even shorter curing time and is for the users who want a shorter processing time, but are priced at the same level as our REDO-BOND 25T.

This adhesive is filled in a cartridge with a resealable cap and can therefore be stored for a long time without the adhesive hardening. You can open the cartridge very easily and without any additional tools and use it at any outside temperature.

Properties REDO-BOND Claw Adhesive 22TS:

  • After a very short curing time, the claw is quickly loadable again
  • Extremely tough substance that compensates for unevenness of the claw
  • Retains a certain elasticity, which significantly improves the durability on the claw
  • Does not produce odors or toxic fumes
  • Fits all standard 200ml dispensing guns

Advantages REDO-BOND 22TS claw adhesive in 200ml cartridge:

  • The high-quality cartridge can be opened and closed again without tools
  • Intelligent arrangement of the openings and the mixing nozzle prevents the material from drying out
  • Adhesive does not become brittle and guarantees optimal and permanent adhesion
  • Optimal for claw blocks made of rubber and wood
  • 100 % bonding due to guaranteed mixing ratio of 1:1 through suitable mixing cannulas

IMPORTANT! Please note that this adhesive only achieves a correct mixing result with the XL mixing cannula!
We STRONGLY recommend the use of a warming box for the REDO-BOND 22TS claw glue, so that you can easily squeeze out the glue.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 x REDO-BOND 2K adhesive, 200ml cartridge

Tipp! What to do if I want to use the adhesive in winter or at low temperatures? Read in our blog about effects of 2K claw adhesive at low temperatures. We will be happy to give you more tips about glue and claw care on the phone.