REDO-FLEX Self-adhesive Bandage | 7,5 cm x 4,5 m

Made of high quality adaptable high-tech synthetic material with high adhesive application for secure fixation. Does not stick to skin and fur. Water and sweat resistant. Easy to separate by hand.

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REDO-FLEX Hoof Bandage 

REDO-FLEX is a self-adhesive bandage which has been specially developed for the veterinary sector. During the development we made sure that it is easy to unroll, has a good adhesive strength even at cold temperatures and can be separated by hand. This product is mainly used in the hoof and claw care of cows, cattle, horses and other veterinary applications.

Product features REDO-FLEX Hoof Bandage:

    • Especially developed for veterinarian applications
    • Easy to tear by hand
    • Water- and sweat resistant
    • Elastic and self-adherend

    Product benefits REDO-FLEX Hoof Bandage:

    • Strong adhesion also in cold weather
    • Does not stick to skin or hair
    • Allows skin to breath
    • Extremely resistant as fixation, support and protection

      Available Colours Claw Bandage  7,5 cm:

      • Red
      • Black
      • Lightgreen (Grassgreen)
      • Pink


      Aereas of use

      This flexible cohesive Bandage has originally been developed together with European bovine hoof trimmers for the use on the cow's and cattle's hooves. When developing this product we made sure it was easy to unroll, had a good adhesion also at cold temperatures and easy to tear by hand. Over time many vets and horse owners also learned to love those features and are now trusting in this product as their natural choice.