Allredo Aluminium Hoof Trimming Disc SA10 with 6 Reversable Titanium Blades

The Allredo Hoof Trimming Disc was designed by hoof trimmers, for hoof trimmers. The disc comes equipped with 6 replaceable titanium 4 sided blades. One set of blades can cut up to 2400 hooves.

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Hoof Trimming Disc with 6 Reversable Titanium Blades

The Allredo Hoof Trimming Disc is recommended for only professional hoof trimmers due to its abrasive capacity of 1.1mm.  The high quality titanium blades which are provided with the disc can trim up to 2400 hooves (600 cows).  The titanium blades are arranged symetrically on the disc, ensuring an extremely smooth and clean trim of the hoof surface.  


Abrasion Rate: 1.1mm

  • The main frame of the disc is made from 7075 Aluminium - the hardest and strongest of its type.
  • High grade reversable titanium blades.
  • Cutting edge on all four sides of the blade.
  • Markings on the disc show settings for the blades.


  • Titanium blades last three times longer than steel blades.
  • Vibration free due to blade symetry in disc.
  • Does not produce odours or dust
  • Does not heat up the hoof
  • Quick and easy blade replacement
  • One set of blades is enough for 600 cows, or 2400 hooves

The 7075 aluminuim is the hardest and most durable aluminium available whilst also being extremely lightweight.  The ALLREDO Hoof  Trimming disc does not have to be pushed onto the hoof, it just needs to be held against the hoof and the disc does the rest. 


1 x ALLREDO Hoof Trimming Disc, 6 x reversable titanium blades, 1 x WIHA cross handle screw driver T25, 10 x Torx Screws


Which Hoof Trimming disc is the right one for me?

Due to its lower abrasion rate the DL-SOFT hoof trimming disc is recommended for the hoof trimmer who is just starting out or for those who only do occassional hoof trimming. The DL-PROFI, on the otherhand, requires more practice and should only be used by the professional hoof trimmer.  A special feature of the ALLREDO SA10 Hoof Trimming Disc is that the reversible blades can be used on all four sides.  The best results are achieved at 10,000 revolutions per minute.