Dick Champion Hoof Knife | 64 mm x 8 mm | short and narrow blade

Machine sharpened blade which is identical in blade shape to the Bison, but made of the highest quality carbon special steel. The superior looking handle is slightly thicker and larger than the Bison or ALLREDO XT Knife Blade dimensions: 64 mm x 8 mm

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Hoof Knife DICK Champion, 64 x 8 mm

The DICK Champion Hoof Knife has been developed by professional users, and enjoys great popularity in the hoof trimming sector of cows, as well as in the hoof care of horses. In the hoof trimming sector this knife is known as a hoof trimming knife and is ideal for cutting out caverns and defects. It has a short and slim straight blade made from high highest quality carbon special steel, which ensures a particularly long lifetime, and provides an excellent cut. The optimally ergonomic black and red handle is made from layered wood making it a real eyecatcher in your tool box!

Features of the Hoof Knife  DICK Champion:

  • Blade made from high quality carbon steel ensuring a long lifetime
  • extra sharp 0°scalpel cut for easy handling
  • ergonomically manufactured black and red handle made from layered wood

Advantage of this Hoof Knife:

  • the large layered wood handle enables a high transfer of power
  • very sharp cut
  • the carbon blade can be sharpened well and maintains its sharpness for a longer period
  • available in left and right versions

Attention! Due to the amount of carbon in the blade the knife tends to corrode and should always be dried after use and stored in a dry place. An ideal solution would be to store the knife in an old rubber teet where the air circulates and the knife dries out completely.

Left: 62461500

Right: 62461600