DL Replacement blade | for DL-Profi and DL Soft

Individually replaceable, double-sided replacement blades made of extremely strong material, especially for the Demotec DL hoof discs DL-Soft and DL-Profi.

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Replacement Blade for DL-Profi and DL Soft Hoof Trimming Disc

These replacement blades have been designed especially for the Demotec DL Profi and DK Soft hoof trimming disc.

  • Double side blades
  • Can be individually replaced
  • Extremely hard material

DL Replacement Blades are available in the following versions:

  • STANDARD Replacement Blades (uncoated)
  • TITAN Replacement Blades (coated)

Note:  Both blades will fit both discs

Which blade is the right one for my hoof trimming disc?

Firstly, its important to make sure that the blades you are purchasing are the correct fit for your hoof trimming disc.  Once you have established this you need to take into consideration how much foreign matter such as stones or dirt, come into contact with your disc.

When cattle are tethered, it is recommended to use a harder blade, such as the ALLREDO Extra Hard, or TITAN (Titanium coated), as the claws in tethered stalls are generally harder and there is less debris and foreign objects in the stalls.  The harder the blade used, the longer they last.  The only disadvantage is that there is a higher risk that the blades break.

In dairy farms where the cattle are held in pens, or have access to pasture, it is more likely that there are foreign objects and debris in the hoof trimming environment.  Where this is the case it is recommended to use a slightly softer blade, such as the ALLREDO Standard, as these have a higher resistance to foreign objects such as stones.

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