ALLREDO XTS SUPERSHARP! Hoof Knife | 72mm x 9mm

With HAND-sharpened blade made of high-alloy special steel. The large hardwood handle ensures high power transmission. Due to its short and thin blade, this hoof knife has a high power transfer making it ideal for cutting out defects. Blade dimensions: 72 mm x 9 mm

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ALLREDO Hoof Knife XTS, short and thin version

The ALLREDO Hoof Knife XTS is the only Knive that is manually sharpened and has a supersharp blade!  It is ideal for the professional hoof care. Due to its short and thin blade, this hoof knife has a high transfer of force making it ideal for cutting out caverns and defects. The blade is made from high alloyed carbon steel which ensures a particulary long lifetime and good sharpening properties.  The long handle is made from high quality solid hardwood.

Advantages of the ALLREDO XTS Hoof Knife

  • high transfer of force due to its short thin blade
  • high alloyed carbon steel blade ensures a long lifetime
  • good features when sharpening
  • handle made from high quality hardwood
  • Easier to resharpen

Which hoof knife is the right one for me

A hoof knife with a narrow blade, such as the XE or XTS, is recommended for hoof care in cattle, as the blade needs to be able to reach the gap between the claws.  If the hoof care of cows is normally carried out with the help of a hoof trimming disc, and the hoof knife is mainly used for cutting out grooves and defects, then the ALLREDO HOOF-KNIFE XTS is the most suitable. due to the shape of the blade.  If the hoof knife is used to plane to hoof, then a hoof knife with a longer, straighter blade, such as the ALLREDO HOOF KNIFE XE is recommended.  The longer blade is ideal to plane larger areas in one motion, leaving a cleaner cut.  The upper part of the knife eye can be used for cutting the gap between the claws.

For the hoof care of horses, a hoof knife with a long, stable blade is more suitable in order to plane the hoof in one move.  Both the ALLREDO XE and XS hoof knives are suited to this purpose.