ALLREDO Sanding Belt AR13F with extra flexible cloth | for LX Bench Grinder

High-quality abrasive belt with particularly flexible fabric. Width: 10 mm. Recommended for fine grinding of hoof knives. The low material removal extends the durability of the hoof knives. Adapts very well to the shape of hoof knives. Suitable for the LX sharpener.

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AR13F grinding belt for ALLREDO LX sharpener. 

This high quality abrasive belt has an ultra-flexible fabric and is mainly recommended for fine sharpening of hoof and claw knives.

Thanks to the precious corundum used in combination with the ultra-flexible fabric, this abrasive belt is ideal for sharpening hoof knives in step 2 before the last existing grade is removed with the polishing wheel / flap wheel.

This abrasive belt also has a dry coolant built in, which is activated when the grain is stressed and so develops much less heat than conventional abrasive belts, which is gentle on the material and prevents the knife from turning blue.


  • Ultra-flexible backing cloth 
  • High-grade corundum
  • Cooling coating
  • Particularly stable but flexible belt connection


  • Longer service life due to special material combination
  • Adapts extremely well to the shape of the hoof knife
  • Lower temperature development which prevents blue discoloration of the blades
  • Reduced removal at medium pressure resulting in longer durability of hoof knives.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 x abrasive belt AR13F

Info! The durability of abrasive belts is shortened by pressure and high temperature.