ALLREDO Buffing Wheel disc for sharpening machine

High-quality buffing wheel with a long durability for sharpening and polishing hoof knives, claw knives and other knives. Ideal in combination with ALLREDO polishing paste.

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ALLREDO Buffing Wheel disc for hoof knife sharpening machine

The ALLREDO buffing wheel is used in combination with ALLREDO polishing paste which is applied to the cloth (while turning) and will help you to remove any burr that may have come from sanding down the blade of the hoof knive. The two products are the perfect combination to sharpen hoof and claw knives and are part of the basic equipment for the hoof care.

Features of ALLREDO Polishing Wheel

  • 200 mm diameter (150 mm on request)
  • 60 high quality polishing lobes next to each other
  • 4 integrated quilting circles
  • 8 mm bore (ideal for the mandrel of the LX grinding machine)

TIPP! The 200 mm diameter polishing wheel provides a safe distance from the machine and other rotating discs.