ALLREDO Polishing Paste for Buffing Wheel

Polishing paste/grinding paste for fine grinding of hoof knives and for removing burrs. Ideal in combination with the ALLREDO LX sharpener.

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Polishing Paste | Grinding Paste for Hoof Knives

The polishing paste is used in combination with the ALLREDO Buffing Wheel to remove any grinding burrs resulting from grinding the hoof knife.  We highly recommend using ALLREDO Polishing Paste with the ALLREDO LX Bench Grinder.  


Properties Polishing Paste:

  • For the removal of grinding burrs
  • Used for fine polishing
  • Available in green or red
  • Available in 500 gr. or 1000 gr.


Instruction for using the Polishing Paste with a grinding machine:

Apply the polishing paste to a rotating disc, such as the ALLREDO Buffing Wheel, and wait until the paste has softened through the friction heat. Once the paste has been evenly transferred to the disc it ensures a clean finish without coming lose through the centrifugal force of the rotating disc.  The hoof knife can now be polished.  

Ideal in Hoof Trimming!