Walkease Hoof Blocks Refill Set | 20mm Height | 10 Pieces

Comfortable hoof block made of EVA rubber mixture which is glued in seconds with the special adhesive. Due to the low durability of 7-21, this block is particularly suitable for diseases in the early stages where a short relief time is sufficient.

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Walkease rubber claw block size L, M, S and Wedgy.

This specially designed Shoof Walkease claw shoe for treatment in hoof care is a innovative combination of EVA rubber block and superglue - a whole new approach to hoof care. The material is hard enough to withstand 7-21 days of cattle stress, and has the added advantage that these rubber blocks will not get stuck in the slurry pump, as the blocks are made of pliable EVA rubber compound.

Advantages of Walkease hoof treatment:

  • Very comfortable for the cow
  • Unique direct adhesive with extremely fast hardening
  • Block lasts approx. 7 - 21 days and does NOT need to be removed
  • Easy and fast application
  • Hoof block can be used on the left and right side
  • Also available as wedge-shaped block

Application EVA claw blocks - How do I apply the Walkease claw blocks?

Make a straight adhesive surface (if necessary with the help of a rasp)
Apply adhesive in serpentine lines to the claw or block
Starting at the tip of the claw, apply the block and immediately press it very firmly onto the sole for about 5-10 seconds (at cold temperatures, about 20 seconds).
Immediately after successful initial adhesion, place the block on the ground BEFORE the adhesive has completely cured. Make sure that the block immediately makes full contact with the floor.
Excess adhesive is squeezed out and optimal adhesion is ensured

Contents of delivery Shoof rubber block:

10 pieces EVA rubber blocks in size L, M, S or Wedgy (wedge-shaped claw block).

Please order the appropriate glue separately. You can use the Shoof special glue or REDO-BOND 2K claw glue.

Which Walkease EVA claw block is the right one for me?

Size S is rather designed for young animals. For adult cattle we recommend size M or L! To ensure the best possible relief, the 25 mm high Compfyblock should be used. For sole ulcers and sole wall ulcers we recommend the wedgy version to increase the heel height. In the case of toe injuries or toe ulcers, on the other hand, the standard blocks are the means of choice, since in this case the toe should be relieved.

Tip. The shelf life of the adhesive can be extended by storing it in the refrigerator.