Personal Protection Items


Protection and work clothing for hoof trimmers

In order to perform hoof care professionally, a well-chosen personal protective equipment is required in addition to some tools.


Especially when the work of hoof care is carried out on a daily basis and work clothes are worn from morning to evening, one appreciates one's equipment very much and attaches great importance to wearing comfort and functionality.


As a specialist for hoof care products, we not only have all consumable products such as 2K hoof glue, self-adhesive hoof bandages and other dressing materials, but also a large selection of work protection articles, tailored to the work of a hoof care professional, ready for immediate delivery.


This includes PVC hoof care aprons, cut protection gloves, pulse protectors, forearm protectors and protective goggles, as well as a good selection of nitrile gloves in various qualities. Brand new in our range are our aprons made of imitation leather, especially for hoof care, which are particularly comfortable to wear.


Developed with hoof care professionals!