REDO-BOND 25TN Hoof Block Adhesive | White, 160ml

Fast setting (30secs) thick viscosity hoof glue for warmer outdoor temperatures. In combination with the ALLREDO heatbox this is also ideal for use at lower temperatures.

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REDO-BOND Hoof Block Adhesive

REDO-BOND 25TN is a fast setting two-component block adhesive and is developed for the hoof treatment of dairy cows and cattle. With the help of this specially developed glue, a wooden or a rubber block is applied to the healthy side of the hoof with the aim to relieve pressure from the affected hoof. This quickly reduces pain and supports the healing process significantly.

Characteristics of REDO-BOND Hoof Glue

  • it's short open time of 20-30 seconds allows a quick weight bearing after only 1,5-2 minutes (depending on temperature)
  • the 1:1 mixing system ensures a correct mixing ratio and a strong and secure bond
  • this glue develops no toxic fumes or odours

Advantages of the two component polyurethane REDO-BOND 25TN

  • it can be used at low temperatures without the use of an accelerator
  • because of its high viscosity | tough substance it compensates unevenness, so it can also be used on uneven hooves
  • easy to open by hand - no  tools needed
Remember to order the matching REDO-BOND 25TN - 160 ml  mixing tips