ALLREDO Heatbox for REDO-BOND Hoof Glue

Aluminium heatbox for warming hoof-glue. With additional shelf for pre-heating additional glue cartridges. Storage space for 110 and 130 mm blocks on the top and mixing tips on the side.

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REDO-BOND Hoof Glue Heat Box

REDO-BOND is a fast-curing two component hoof block adhesive for the professional treatment of hooves. The ideal working temperature for the glue is between 15° and 25° which can sometimes be difficult to achieve.  The REDO-BOND Heat Box keeps the hoof glue at the required temperature.  It has storage space for additional glue cartridges and both standard and extra long hoof blocks.  There is also an easy accessible shelf for placing the dispensing gun whilst the hoof blocks are being applied.  The heat box can be easily attached to your existing hoof stand.

Features of the Aluminium Heat Box for REDO-BOND Hoof Glue

  • Space for dispensing gun incl. the hoof glue cartridge for  (160, 200, 210 ml und 250 ml)
  • Extra space for a preheating a spare catridge (or anything else you like to keep tempered)
  • Space for 110 mm AND 130 mm  hoof blocks on the top of the heat box
  • Extra compartment on the side to fit all standard mixing tips (can be mounted on either the left or the right side of the heat box.)
  • Delivered with a pre-installed 3 Meter long set of cables

Benefits of the Heat Box

  • Easy access for a two component dispensing gun to be put down and picked up again
  • Heated up within a few minutes!
  • Can be fixed on either side of your crush
  • Heating element can be removed very easily
  • Can be washed with a pressure washer (after the heating element has been removed)

Dispensing gun, hoof blocks, mixers and glue are not included in the price.