REDO-CAST Support Bandage | Cast Bandage

Fast curing, synthetic support bandage for easy application in the hoof area of cattle, horses and other small and large animals. For cows hooves it is the ideal option where a block cannot be applied.

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REDO-CAST Synthetic Cast Bandage

The REDO-CAST is a quick setting support bandage used for vetinary purposes. The REDO-CAST synthetic bandage is often the only option in aiding a successful healing process when the leg or hooves of the cow or horse need to be temporarily immobilised.

The REDO-CAST can also be applied in severe hoofcare cases where both hooves are in such a bad condition that hoof blocks can no longer be used.


Advantages of  REDO-CAST synthetic Support Bandage ( Cast-Bandage):

  • easy to apply
  • break-resistant, water-activated fabric, containing polyurethan pitch
  • fast setting
  • high mechanical stability
  • airtight aluminium packaging
  • ideal for cows, horses and other animals

Available in the following versions:

  • 10 cm x 3.60 m
  •   7.5 cm x 3.60 m
  •   5 cm x 3.60 m

REDO-CAST Support Bandage Instructions for use

Tip: The durability of unopened REDO-CAST Bandages can be prolonged by storing them in the fridge.