ALLREDO Wooden Hoof Block | Wedged | 130 mm - MADE IN GERMANY

Made of beech wood. Thickness: 16/22 mm. Suitable for all glue types. Wedge shaped for heightened heel, especially for larger hooves e.g. Simmental cattle or bulls.

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Allredo Wooden Hoof Block, wedge-shaped, XL - 130mm

Modern hoof trimming is subject to many changes in cattle living conditions. When hoof trimming, a standard hoof block is not always the best solution for relieving the injured hoof.  The conditions of  the stall floor and the orthopaedics of the hoof must first be analysed, and then the most suitable tools for the best care can be selected.

Area of Application

  • Wedge-shape is recommended when the height of the hoof, i.e. from bottom of the hoof up to the area where the hair on the hindfoot starts, is small, and the pad area needs heightening.
  • Also suitable for on "normal" hooves on high abrasion floors e.g. concrete
  • The XL version of the hoof block is especially suitable for larger cows
  • Special sizes on request


Recommended by professional hoof trimmers.  Suitable for use with all common hoof trimming glues