ALLREDO Wooden Hoof Block | Thin | 130 mm | 14 mm - MADE IN GERMANY

Made of beech wood. Thickness: 14 mm. Suitable for all glue types, especially for use on rubber floors where there is less abrasion or where a shorter relief time is sufficient. Especially for larger hooves e.g. Simmental cattle or bulls.

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Allredo Wooden Hoof Block, Thin, XL, for hoof trimming - 130 mm long

This thin hoof block from ALLREDO  is especially developed for use on farms where the stall is equipped with rubber flooring and the standard hoof blocks are not wearing down quick enough.


  • can be used with all standard gluing systems
  • approx. 40% thinner than the standard Hoof Block
  • available in standard length and extra long

Area of Application

  • can be used in most hoof care cases
  • particulary suitable for use in stalls with rubber flooring
  • for applications which require an earlier loading of the hoof 

XL Hoof Block for hoof trimming and treatment of lameness, 130 mm long

INFO!  In especially challenging situations such as with a smooth stable floor, or when the injured hoof requires more intensive care, either the flat hoof block or the wedge shaped block should be applied.