ALLREDO Hoof trimming disc S35 | 6 blades | Closed | 115 mm

Made-In-Germany from high-strength aircraft aluminium with four-sided reversible blades (14 x 14 x 2 mm). Closed on the sides for increased safety. Spacer on the rear. Aggressiveness level: 4

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ALLREDO claw care disc S35 for 6 reversible knives - closed at the sides.

The S35 claw disc from ALLREDO is only suitable for experienced claw trimmers and is closed at the sides, which allows safer working. The symmetrical arrangement of the reversible knives ensures extremely smooth running and has a clean cutting pattern on the claw. Due to the slight bevel on the side edge, this disc can also be used by a skilled user and the correct claw position to produce the fillet in the intermediate claw gap.

Features of ALLREDO claw grinding wheel:

  • High stock removal rate thanks to protruding reversible blades
  • Base body in 115mm diameter
  • The reversible blades can be used on four sides
  • Back side with spacer for good handling
  • Alternatively in ALU or TITAN
  • Advantages ALLREDO claw care disc for cattle:
  • No vibration due to symmetrical arrangement of the knives
  • Without odor and dust development and without heating of the claw
  • Can also be used for shortening the tips of the hooves
  • Very easy and quick change of knives

Tipp! The TITAN material is much harder than aluminum and ensures a much longer life.  (about 3- 4 x more durable) 

The material used is extremely robust and yet very light. The ALLREDO claw care disc S35 has such a high removal capacity that no pressure needs to be applied to the claws to remove the horn when the knives are sharp.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 x ALLREDO S35 claw disc.
  • Tip! The ALLREDO S35 claw disc is designed to be screwed onto the disc of the angle grinder.

It is recommended to leave the support disc of the angle grinder (ideally METABO) on the angle grinder and to screw the claw disc onto the thread until the ALLREDO claw disc has joined to the support disc.

Which claw disc is the right one for me?
For the beginning of the claw care and if you perform the claw care only occasionally, the claw grinding disc DL-SOFT is recommended, because it has a lower removal rate. The use of the ALLREDO claw care disc and the DL-PROFI claw disc, on the other hand, requires a little more practice and is only suitable for professionals. The ALLREDO claw disc S30 and S 35 have the highest removal rate. A special feature of the ALLREDO claw cutting discs is that the reversible blades can be used on four sides. The best results are achieved at 10,000 revolutions per minute.