REDO-BOND 20GB Winter Hoof Glue | Green, 210 ml

Extremely fast setting (14secs) medium to low viscosity hoof glue ideal for lower temperatures. Can be stored down to -12°C. (10,4°F). Can be used without a heatbox in winter. Filled in cartridge with screw thread.

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REDO-BOND Winter Glue for Hoof Trimming 20GB 210 ml

Redo-Bond 20GB hoof glue is an extremely fast setting glue which was especially developed to attach rubber and wooden hoof blocks to the hooves of cattle. Its quick setting time of less that 20 seconds makes it suitable for the colder winter months.  As with most of the ALLREDO hoof adhesives, this cartridge can be opened without the aid of further tools.

Advantages of REDO-BOND 20GB 

  • Can be used in low temperatures
  • Exceptionally fast setting without the use of accelerators, or the need to heat up
  • Quick setting allows for pressure to be re-applied to the hoof within a short time – open time of only 20 seconds
  • Reliable mixing ratio achieved when using the high quality mixing tips ensures bonding each time
  • Can be used with all standard 200 ml and 210 ml dispensing guns
  • Quick replacement of mixing tips
  • Very fast curing even without heating box



1 x REDO-BOND 20GB Winter Hoof Glue 210 ml


TIP!  Read our blog about the effects of two component hoof glue used at low temperatures or feel free to call us for more advice.