ALLREDO LX Bench Grinder for Hoof Knives

Belt grinder with robust motor - especially for grinding and sharpening hoof and claw knives. Including: polishing paste, buffing wheel and 3 sanding belts AR13N

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Bench Grinder LX for Hoof Knives

The LX Bench Grinder was especially designed for grinding and sharpening hoof knives for hoof trimming.  It has a narrow grinding belt which is flexible enough to sharpen and grind the curved end of the hoof knife blade.   The rubber disc included in the set can also be used for sharpening the blade.  The hoof blade can be held against the rotating rubber disc and  moved from top to bottom, or from right to left to achieve the required sharpness.  The rubber disc is also available to order with a groove, which is specifically there to sharpen the eye of the hoof knife.  Using the groove, however, takes an immense amount of practice and experience, so it is therefore only recommended for the more experienced hoof trimmer or knife sharpener.    A high quality polishing paste and a buffing wheel are also included with the grinder.  Any burrs left over from grinding can be polished away using the polishing paste applied to the buffing wheel.

As well as polishing hoof knives, the bench grinder can also be used for sharpening other metal tools in your toolbox. 

The Allredo LX Hoof Grinder includes all the items required to meet all of your knife sharpening and polishing needs, from the tip of the blade right down to the knife handle.  


  • Extremely durable robust motor
  • Protective cover over the grinding belt
  • Includes polishing paste and buffing wheel


  • Grinding and polishing in one machine
  • Extremely smooth running
  • Designed especially for hoof knives



1 x Bench Grinder LX

1 x Polishing Paste

1 x Rubber Disc (With groove on request)

3 x Narrow sanding belts

1 x Buffing wheel 

TIP: When using the rubber disc with the groove to sharpen the eye of the hoof knife, firstly shape the groove to refelct that ouf your hoof knife.  You can do this by using a hard material in the groove and machining it to form a new shape.