XL Carcass Cover | for Cattle and Cows

High quality UV resistant carcass cover with transport loops and handles for easy handling. For hygienic storage of adult cows, cattle, horses and other large livestock, several pigs or several calves.

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Large carcass cover for cows, cattle, horses and pigs.

This extra large carcass cover is designed for short term carcass storage of adult cows, horses, multiple pigs or calves and is made of indestructible UV resistant polyethylene. There are two transport loops on the top of the cover, which can be connected with a rope or chain for easy transport by farm vehicle or for crane operation.

Features of XL carcass cover:

  • Made of high quality UV resistant polyethylene
  • With transport loops on the upper side for attaching a chain or rope
  • On both sides are 2 handles each for the case that a manual operation is necessary
  • Outside dimensions (LxWxH): 330 x 230 x 115cm
  • Inside dimensions (LxWxH): 320 x 220 x 110cm 
  • Weight: 80kg
  • Color: Green

Advantages of this extra large carcass cover:

  • High quality polyethylene
  • Extremely strong and indestructible
  • Easy to lift
  • Easy to clean

Content of delivery:

1 x XL carcass cover

Info. A hygienic carcass disposal becomes more and more important in modern farms. Due to the large internal dimensions, the almost rectangular basic shape, the best possible coverage is made possible! The two transport eyelets on the top facilitate transport with a farm truck etc. Thanks to the low weight and the handles on both sides, operation by hand is also possible. Can also be used for horses, other large animals or several pigs.

Tip. Choose the place for carcass storage as far away as possible from the livestock and outside the yard area. This way, the collection truck does not have to drive on the farm's roads.