Hoof Trimming Disc DL Profi | DL Soft 7 Blades Aluminium | 100 mm

Small disc with seven double-sided reversible blades. Neat cutting pattern. Ideal when starting to work with hoof discs. We recommend the DL Profi as the DL Soft does not have enough abrasion for regular hoof care. Aggression level: 2

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DL Hoof Trimming Disc with 7 Blades Demotec 

With its aluminuim body and 7 replaceable carbide blades the DL Hoof Trimming Disc impresses with its smooth, clean cut.  This hoof trimming disc is a great allrounder and is a popular choice with farmers and hoof trimmers.  

Properties DL-Soft | DL-Profi Hoof Trimming Disc

Abrasion Rate: DL-SOFT: 0.8 mm | DL-Profi: 1.2 mm

  • Main body made of aluminium
  • Reversable blades
  • One set of blades cuts approx. 1600 hooves (4 animals)

The DL-Soft blades are turned inwards, whereas the DL-Profi blades are turned outwards which means that the DL-Profi Hoof Trimming Disc can be used when working on the interdigital space between the claws. 


  • Dust and odour free cut
  • Hoof does not heat up
  • Clean cut surface
  • Includes 7 pre-assembled replacement double sided blades

Which Hoof Trimming disc is the right one for me?

Due to its lower abrasion rate the DL-SOFT hoof trimming disc is recommended for the hoof trimmer who is just starting out or for those who only do occassional hoof trimming. The DL-PROFI, on the otherhand, requires more practice and should only be used by the professional hoof trimmer.  A special feature of the ALLREDO SA10 Hoof Trimming Disc is that the reversible blades can be used on all four sides.  The best results are achieved at 10,000 revolutions per minute.